Highest Peak: Ruwenzori Mountains - 5,109 m

Uganda is an east-central African country. Uganda, which is roughly the size of the United Kingdom, is home to dozens of ethnic groups. The English language and Christianity help to bring these diverse peoples together in Kampala, the cosmopolitan capital with dozens of small parks and public gardens and a scenic promenade along the shore of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake.

Uganda: botanical gardens
Uganda encompasses a diverse range of ecosystems, from the tall volcanic mountains of the country's eastern and western borders to the densely forested swamps of the Albert Nile River and the rainforests of the country's central plateau. The land is richly fertile, and Ugandan coffee has become a mainstay of the agricultural economy as well as a favorite of coffee connoisseurs worldwide.
Uganda is bounded to the north by South Sudan, to the east by Kenya, to the south by Tanzania and Rwanda, and to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kampala, the capital city, is built around seven hills near the shores of Lake Victoria, which forms part of the border with Kenya and Tanzania.

Uganda's tropical climate is influenced by elevation and, locally, the presence of lakes. Northeasterly and southwesterly air currents dominate. Because of Uganda's equatorial location, the sun's declination at midday varies little, and the length of daylight is nearly always 12 hours. All of these factors, combined with a fairly consistent cloud cover, ensure a pleasant climate all year.

Ethnic groups
Although Uganda is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups, the country is typically divided into the "Nilotic North" and the "Bantu South." Bantu speakers constitute the majority of Uganda's population. The Ganda are the largest single ethnic group, accounting for roughly one-sixth of the total national population. Soga, Gwere, Gisu, Nyole, Samia, Toro, Nyoro, Kiga, Nyankole, Amba, and Konjo are other Bantu speakers.

There are at least 32 languages spoken in Uganda, but English, Swahili, and Ganda are the most commonly used. Swahili was chosen as another official national language due to its potential to facilitate regional integration.