Area: 795k kms² Elevation: 1,590m

The Kanyanchu Primate Walk is Kibale's most popular activity. Thirteen species can be sought, and a wide range of diurnal monkeys are almost always seen, but the stars of this twice-daily show are chimps. Kanyanchu's chimps have been tracked since 1993, and there is a good chance of finding them. Guided walks begin at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and last approximately three hours, depending on a variety of factors. Another 120 mammals live in this biologically diverse region, including several primate species such as baboons and chimps, as well as elephants and antelopes. This forest is home to over 370 bird species, including 23 Albertine Rift endemics, Nahan's francolin, Cassin's spinetail, blue-headed bee-eater, and low-land masked apalis. The chimp population surge of about 1,500 individuals, divided into at least a dozen different communities, four of which are habituated to humans, is the most visible among Kibale's primates.

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