Highest Peak: Mt Kilimanjaro - 5,895m

Topographically, Tanzania is stunning. Surrounded by calderas and mountain ranges, the Great Rift Valley divides the country. To the east of this sweeping valley, visitors can climb the snow-cloaked equatorial peaks of Mount Kenya and fish for trout in crystal clear streams. Hell's Gate National Park harbors obsidian caves and hisses with natural geysers and hot springs. To experience the romance of Kenya's colorful colonial history captured in the film Out of Africa, head to Nairobi. This bustling capital is the gateway to one of the world's most evocative and exciting travel destinations

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1 Tanzania is home to the big five with an incredible array of national parks and game reserves. Visitors will love her cultural diversity and truly relish the charms nestled in the pristine island of Zanzibar. To top it up, Tanzanians are known for being friendly and hospitable people. Tanzania enjoys a good tropical climate. Her coastal area is mostly hot and humid with cool and temperate climate at the northwestern highlands. Tanzania has two rainy seasons with short rains occurring from October to December the long rains from March to June. The central plateau is generally dry and arid throughout the year.
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