Explore Giraffe’s Trail


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Giraffe’s fascinate every traveler as they are quite tall and have beautiful patterns on their skin. In Kenya we are blessed with 03 different species that roam freely in wilderness.
Reticulated Giraffe found referred to as the Northern Species as its found above the Equator, Rothschild Giraffe that is found along the Rift Valley and the Maasai Giraffe referred to as the Southern Species as its found below the Equator.
A stop at the Equator Crossing is a mile stone as you will be standing at the Both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Our Itinerary has been created so you get to experience the arid and rugged Samburu, Lake Elementaita with the beautiful back drop of Sleeping Warrior and the savannah grasslands of Maasai Mara, The most beautiful National Parks in Africa and with an outstanding collection of flora, fauna and strong culture.
Lake Elementaita is considered to be the smallest Lake and being an alkaline it does attract a good collection of water and migratory birds.