Explore Special Five

I personally love the Northern Route as with the Crossing of the Equator our wildlife have been categorized as the Northern and Southern Species. The drive up to the North is an interesting one as you pass fertile farm lands to the arid areas of Samburu that falls on the lee ward side of Mt Kenya. A night at Aberdare National Park offers game viewing directly from the lodge where you will spot the Forest Elephants, Spotted Hyena’s, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Bush Buck and the Bongo that congregate at the water hole for a drink and salt lick.
What makes Samburu National Reserve a unique park is the collection of the special five that can only be seen here and are adaptive to the arid condition i.e The Grevy Zebra , Reticulated Giraffe , Somali Ostrich , Gerenuk Antelope and the Besia Oryx. Ol Pejeta is must experience as you will have the chance to spot the Big Five , Track the notorious Pack of Wild Dogs and come face to face with the Chimpanzees.