Area: 330 kms² Elevation:

Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its tree climbing lions, a soda ash lake that attracts thousands of pink flamingos, Tanzania's largest elephant population, and breathtaking scenery. The lush green vegetation of the Marang' ground water forest, large water birds, baboon and blue monkey troops, and the rift valley escarpment make your safari to this area unforgettable. The park gets its name from a plant called Euphorbia tirucalli, also known as Emanyara in Maasai, and it spans 648.7 square kilometers. Plan your trip by visiting Lake Manyara National Park, where you will have an amazing atmosphere that will quench your travel thirst. The park has over 390 bird species, both migrants and residents, including 50 birds of prey, raucous forest hornbills, pink-hued flamingos, and pelican flotillas.

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