Our products have been carefully designed to ensure the discovery of specific routes where you have maximum time to explore the vast area in search of its beautiful flora and fauna.

It will be a Safari experience but with a touch of adventure as we believe there is so much to see and appreciate.

Tufayn has an excellent relationship with all Suppliers as it’s a strong friendship that was built over the years and with that we are assured of Competitive Rates , Great Service and Fantastic Experiences.

Work with Locals

Each Destination offers different tribes with the cultural differences, But all are proud of their beliefs and ancestral myths. We take you to meet them and learn more about their livelihoods and traditional values

Innovative Tours

Adventure is not only about adrenaline, We define it as a unique moment as you get to relate with nature and learn more what it offers.

Sustainable Travel

At Explore Safaris we work hard to ensure our clients have the best of what we offer, We also believe in giving back to the community as way to alleviate poverty and also to play a major in conservation.

Core Values

Accessibility , Adventurous , Attentiveness , Being the Best, Capable, Competitive, Creative, Discipline, Efficient, Innovative , Punctuality, Reliable, Team Work, Professionalism