Explore the Maasai Land


The Maasai people are generally pastoralists who have a rich culture and till date they are proud in their lifestyle and beliefs. Many parts of the country have names that have originated from the Maasai People and thus a proof their movement has been evident all over the country.
Lake Elementaita is considered to be the smallest Lake of The Great Rift Valley as its size is merely 25sqkm but yet it’s home to water birds that are seen swimming or busking on the shores of the Lake. The sleeping warrior is a great tale and the best way to hear more is when you are looking at it.
Maasai Mara is a derived from the Maa Language that means spotted , The Savannah grassland stretches as far as you eye can see but you will notice single trees that have created a spoted design on the grassland and thus the name. Abundance of wildlife is spotted in large numbers and it’s considered to be a photographer’s haven.