Explore Footprints of the Man Eaters


History has been depicted in this route which involves The Royal Mountain and a sad story of loss of life by the Man Eaters of Tsavo.
Amboseli is on the lee ward side of Mt Kilimanjaro and is home to the largest herds of elephants.
It’s regarded as a photographers` paradise with the amazing back drop of Mt Kilimanjaro. Tsavo West has under gone major transformation due to volcanic activities and it can be witnessed while driving through the Shetani Lava Flow. Natural attractions such as the Mzima Springs , Roaring Rocks , Ngulia Mountain and the five sister hills.
Tsavo East is a splendor with it’s vast size and is known to be an important habitat for wildlife adapted to dry areas. During winter birds migrate to this park and they use the longest plateau as their breeding grounds.
Natural attractions such as Mudanda Rock , Aruba Dam , Lugards Falls and the Yatta plateau have made this a great holiday spot.